Geneva DenturesOver 40 million Americans wear dentures, and yet with such a wide range of diverse facial profiles and esthetics, most dentures are made with a “one size fits all” mindset. Row upon row of machine-fabricated, identical teeth not only gives the impression of “falseness” that embarrasses many denture-wearers, it can also cause discomfort or pain when the dentures are not made with the individual patient in mind.

This is why Dr. James offers the Geneva 2000 Premium Denture system. Developed by Geneva Dental, Geneva 2000 Premium Dentures are hand-finished porcelain or synthetic dentures that are built to the exacting specifications demanded by the size and shape of the patient’s face and mouth. Each tooth in the Geneva 2000 denture is created individually with multiple layers of porcelain or synthetic material, and then finished by hand to ensure a life-like and unique color and shaping. The end result is exactly what denture wearers the world over have been waiting for: a smile that fits them – not the other way around.

To read more about the Geneva Denture system, click here.

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